Elite Volunteers

elite volunteers 1Volunteer Overview

ELITE would not be possible without the help of volunteers. ELITE volunteers spend time with students in the classroom and at the ELITE¬†events. The ELITE¬†classroom time is spent during the students’ school day. Each class focuses on the knowledge and tools needed for success in employment and in being a model citizen in school, the community and any future environment the students may enter.

Our volunteers come from many areas of life–community leaders, business professionals, stay-at-home parents or retired individuals. All of our volunteers bring unique and valuable experience to share with our students.

Many volunteers give one to two hours each week to spend in the classroom in addition to extra out-of-school events. We appreciate any time our volunteers can give, whether it is on a weekly basis or for one or two of our special events.

Below is listed more information on the different volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities

High School ELITE

During January through May, ELITE high school volunteers spend one to two hours in the classroom each week. During this time, volunteers teach the students the ELITE curriculum as well as use their own career experiences to prepare the students for successful employment. High School ELITE volunteers may also help with extra activities throughout the spring season such as the ELITE Job Fair, March Madness, ELITE Boot Camp, and the ELITE Retreat.

Summer Festivals

During the months of June and July, ELITE serves the Peoria area by volunteering at a variety of summer festivals. ELITE groups attend festivals such as Steamboat Days, Heritage Days, and the Heart of Illinois Fair and help enforce ELITE rules and guidelines in order to maintain a fun and family friendly environment.

Trewyn K-8 School

ELITE is currently working to promote ELITE rules and guidance in Trewyn Middle School in Peoria, IL. Various volunteer opportunities continue to be available with the Trewyn students and staff.

The Peoria Park District's ELITE Youth Outreach program takes at risk youth through a powerful and wonderfully life-transforming program.