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Bringing ELITE to Your School

Trewyn’s step team performance at ELITE graduation 05/18/12.

Knowledge is POWER. This is one of the many motivational messages Carl Cannon presents to students during his presentations given at schools all across the Midwest. Knowledge is power and it should never be taken for granted.

Carl shares his life testimony that depicts himself as a young man who did not take advantage of the educational opportunities heĀ  had. In his presentation, he demonstrates the difference education can make by sharing his experiences of leaving college, joining the military and later becoming an honored Correctional Officer at a prison–all these experiences being what lead him to high school auditoriums and classrooms today to show students how to get from the classroom to the boardroom–not a jail cell.

Carl’s presentations are an amazing source of encouragement–and at times a wake up call–for wayward students. Whether your school is inner-city, suburban or rural–the ELITE message is valuable for all students.

If you would like Carl and his ELITE team to visit your school, contact our office today at (309) 589-5923 OR email him,