Trewyn K-8 Statistics

ELITE has been a very present force at Trewyn K-8 School throughout the 2011/2012 school year. Since the ELITE program has been implemented within the halls of Trewyn, a lot of progress has been made among the students. Two areas of undeniable improvement are student grade point averages and behavior improvement. Trewyn has transformed to a positive learning environment where respect is key and education is the focus.

This year’s 8th grade class at Trewyn has shown drastic improvements with an over 60% increase in GPA. Also, Trewyn has been a leader among Peoria area schools in decreasing their persentage of student suspensions per number of students enrolled. The following charts prove the incredible results that have developed since ELITE has taken full-time residence at Trewyn.

Trewyn is proud to report that their 8th grade class took the state-required U.S. Constitution test with a 100% pass rate–a drastic difference from the 30% pass rate of last school year.

Trewyn GPA Averagestrewyn stats 7th grade

Trewyn Behavior Statistics
trewyn behavior stats


The Peoria Park District's ELITE Youth Outreach program takes at risk youth through a powerful and wonderfully life-transforming program.