Trewyn “Elite Style” K-8 School


After the success of ELITE High School programs in Peoria County high schools, there was an over-riding feeling that the program could be even more successful if it reached youth before they got to high school.

That opportunity came in 2011 when the Peoria Public School District approached ELITE about tailoring the program for the K-8 crowd and bringing it to Peoria’s worst performing school located in the city’s lowest economic neighborhood. To truly change the culture of the school, ELITE has a presence at Trewyn K-8 every day it is in session.

Home visits began in the summer. Both parents/guardians and students were required to sign a Code of Conduct Covenant. The upper classmen agreed to perform community service throughout the school year. There is a strict dress code and a high premium placed on conduct and effort. More than 700 teachers applied for 60 positions once word got out that ELITE was bringing respect back into the classroom.

In its first semester, ELITE was well on its way to changing the school’s culture from one of chaos to one of mutual, consistent respect for all people…at all times. Please visit our Trewyn Statistics page to review the amazing progress the Trewyn students have displayed in less than one school year.

The Peoria Park District's ELITE Youth Outreach program takes at risk youth through a powerful and wonderfully life-transforming program.