In the fall of 2011, ELITE entered into a pilot program with the Illinois Department of Corrections. The original ELITE youth job training program was adapted for the work release population and offered to those men and women who were both eligible and interested. This program equally benefits both the community and the men and women who are ready to make a new start in life.

In early 2012, the ELITE Re-Entry program welcomed the first group of men and women who were ready to take a step toward success. Over the course of 12 weeks, these men and women met twice a week–spending time in the classroom with Mr. Cannon and his team, listening to special guest speakers, attending special events, and continued on to volunteer at the High School ELITE Retreat and Graduation events. ELITE will continue to work with these men and women as they continue on to full-time employment and volunteer service to their communities.

What makes the ELITE Re-Entry program different than other programs like it is that it assists an individual in making a transition back into society on more levels than just professional. While the program includes activities such as resume building, professional dress, professional speech, and employee etiquette; they are also learning what life changes are necessary for success in the work place and at home.

The latest Re-entry program started Jan 27, 2014 and it provided an opportunity for the 31 men and women who signed up for it, to change their lives for the better forever.


The Peoria Park District's ELITE Youth Outreach program takes at risk youth through a powerful and wonderfully life-transforming program.