Welcome! The original ELITE program was born in 2006 as an 11-week business boot camp for high school sophomores and juniors in Peoria, Illinois. The weekly one-hour in-school class is taught by teams of trained community leaders and business professionals who have the moral authority to tell kids what does and does not work when you’re looking to land (and keep) a job.

What is ELITE?

E.L.I.T.E. Youth Outreach is a non profit organization that works with at risk youth and gives them the skills they need to survive on their own. We have also begun our E.L.I.T.E. Re-Entry program that teaches skills for success on the job and in the community. With the help of local leaders we are able to reach out and point others in the right direction.

ELITE is an intensive 11-week job training program for Peoria area high school students that kicks off each year in January.
• Weeks 1-3: Training and certification in communication and filling out a job application that showcases individual skills.
• Weeks 4-6: Appearance and attitude in the workplace and at home and how to create a resume. If you make the grade, finish the course and become “ELITE Certified,” you get the chance to apply for a meaningful part-time job during the ELITE Job Fair. In its first five years, the ELITE Youth Program provided more than 500 youth with jobs that gave them spending money, kept them occupied and off the street, and helped them build self-confidence and a resume for their next job.



ELITE Happens
If you like what you have just seen and are interested in more information, please call our offices in Peoria, IL and bring ELITE to a community near you. Call 309-589-5923 OR you can email C.O. Cannon directly.

Hundreds of teens to gather in Springfield for leadership summit

The above link shows how with true leaders in our community like Congressman Aaron Schock our program is getting the attention that it deserves. We are proud to have Congressman Schock as a part of our ELITE family.

For more information print out an ELITE brochure and bring this powerful and wonderfully life-transforming program to a community near you!

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Connect with ELITE by calling (309)589-5923 or email us at ELITE.

The Peoria Park District's ELITE Youth Outreach program takes at risk youth through a powerful and wonderfully life-transforming program.